The simulation exercise by the Civil Defense Commission (CDC) today, was part of the Civil Defense Commission’s preparations for Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary activities.
Deputy Director General of the CDC, Major Kester Craig said that the exercise was conducted to test the response system of all the agencies that are going to be on standby in event that there is some incident at Durban Park on May 25th or 26, 2016.

According to Craig, the simulation exercise is the culmination of several others to test the preparedness of the CDC and other emergency response organisations. “Usually, whenever there is a mass casualty gathering, dating back from 2007 when there was Cricket World Cup, we actually had similar exercises done. Before the exercises we would have trained persons in different areas. We started off with the table-top exercise which tested the high level management type people, then we did a two-day training in mass casualty management and search and rescue.”
Based on the responses, the Deputy Director opined that all the agencies responded in a timely manner using the appropriate means and measures to show they could handle any untoward situation.
A “Venue Specific Mass Casualty Plan” is being used to execute and coordinate the multi-agency approach to the events in and around D’urban Park on May 25 and 26, 2016. It provides the processes, structures and procedures to effectively execute emergency responses, if necessary. The plan describes the different levels of activation and types of responses and outlines operational concepts and methodology for implementing and managing response efforts at large public events.

Supporting agencies included the Guyana Fire Service (GFS), Guyana Police Force (GPF),Guyana Red Cross (GRC), St. John’s Ambulance Brigade, Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), the Government Information Agency (GINA), Private Security Services and Davis Memorial and St Joseph Mercy Hospitals.
Source: GINA

General Notice

The public is being notified that a 24-hour National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS) has been activated through the Civil Defence Commission (CDC).
Citizens are encouraged to report any emergency situation to the NEMS to enable efficient alerting of the relevant authorities.

This can be done by telephone calls to 226-1114, 226-1117, 600-7500, 623-1700.

By text to 600-7500 or 623-1700.

By Whatsapp messenger to 623-1700.