In the event of a flood that requires evacuation, persons may need to survive on their own for a few days which would mean having their own food, water and emergency supplies. Items needed will include :


Water, food and Utensils:

•    Water – 1gallon of water per person per day, for drinking ,washing and sanitation
•    Food – non- perishable ,needing little or no cooking
•    Eating and drinking utensils (unbreakable). Bottle and can openers
•    Bleach or water purifying tablets
•    Heating source e.g. camp stove and extra fuel

Communication, Lighting and Safety items:

•    Battery-operated radio
•    Flashlights, extra batteries, lantern and fuel
•    Matches

Personal items:

•    Washcloth and small towel
•    Reading and writing materials
•    Sewing kit
•    Soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant
•    Small toys for children
•    Hair care items
•    Insect repellant and insecticide
•    Mirror
•    Sanitary napkins and tampons

Sanitary Needs

•    Paper towels and toilet paper
•    Liquid detergent
•    Disinfectant
•    Garbage can or bucket with tight fitting lid(for emergency toilet)
•    Plastic garbage bags (for lining toilet and for collection of garbage)

Baby Supplies, if needed:

•    Clothes
•    Diapers
•    Milk of formula. Bottle and nipples. Food
•    Powders, cream or ointments
•    Small toys
•    Sheets, blankets, mackintosh/plastic

Clothing and Bedding:

•    One complete change of clothing for each person, sturdy work clothes, sturdy shoes    extra socks, extra underwear
•    Rain gear, boots
•    Pillows, blankets

General Notice

The public is being notified that a 24-hour National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS) has been activated through the Civil Defence Commission (CDC).
Citizens are encouraged to report any emergency situation to the NEMS to enable efficient alerting of the relevant authorities.

This can be done by telephone calls to 226-1114, 226-1117, 600-7500, 623-1700.

By text to 600-7500 or 623-1700.

By Whatsapp messenger to 623-1700.