Disaster Management resources for Professionals

This section of the website has been set aside for Professionals and coordinators working in the field of Disaster Management. You will find useful information in tihs section.

You will be notified when content is posted to this section. You will be able to download forms and other material pertinent to Disaster Management in Guyana.

General Notice

The public is being notified that a 24-hour National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS) has been activated through the Civil Defence Commission (CDC).
Citizens are encouraged to report any emergency situation to the NEMS to enable efficient alerting of the relevant authorities.

This can be done by telephone calls to 226-1114, 226-1117, 600-7500, 623-1700.

By text to 600-7500 or 623-1700.

By Whatsapp messenger to 623-1700.