Region Four Volunteers Trained in Conflict Management

Workshop Facilitator: Mr. George WachiraCivil Defence Commission volunteers from Region 4 are now better equipped to manage and deal with conflicts that may arise in their line of work, especially in high tension disaster situations.  These volunteers were able to benefit from a “Conflict Management” Workshop that was convened by the Civil Defence Commission Volunteer Corps (CDC VC) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which continuously assists and supports the work of the CDC and the CDC VC. The need for such a workshop was recognised as it was identified that volunteers may come into conflict situations while working during disasters or emergencies, as tension and anxiety levels are usually high during these times. As such, the objective of the workshop was to enhance the capacities of the volunteers and to provide them with the skills/tools for effectively managing conflicts and maintaining order during disasters.

This one day workshop was conducted on Saturday June 30, 2012 in the Civil Defence Commission Conference Room, Thomas Road Thomas Lands. It was facilitated by Mr. George Wachira, Policy Advisor to the United Nations Resident Coordinator of the UNDP. Mr. Wachira indicated his willingness to continue working with the Corps, and expressed the desire to conduct additional training in the area of conflict management with the volunteers.
Approximately 15 Georgetown volunteers attended and benefitted from this training. These persons have indicated that they have gained vast knowledge from the training, and have since begun developing plans to conduct similar training in communities across Guyana.
Speaking on behalf of the CDC VC, Major Kester Craig expressed gratitude to the UNDP and Mr. Wachira for their constant support and assistance in the work of the CDC and the CDC VC. He also urged the participants to make full use the knowledge being imparted through workshop, not only in their personal work but also in their work with the CDC VC. In his statement, he indicated that a series of capacity building workshops were being conducted with the volunteers in an attempt to create a sustainable body of well trained volunteers who can: prepare for and respond to disasters, coordinate response at the community level and also train individuals/stakeholders in areas of Disaster Risk Management (DRM).

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