Induction of Region 6 Volunteer – Berbicians Sign on to the Volunteer Corps

A total of sixty-four (64) Berbicians were formally oriented and inducted into the Civil Defence Commission Volunteer Corps (CDC VC) on Saturday, November 17, 2012. Their induction followed a comprehensive orientation session at the New Amsterdam Nursing School, and has since pushed the number of CDC volunteers much closer to 100.  

Most of the new volunteers indicated that they became aware of the Volunteer Corps while being trained in Shelter Management, Damage Assessment and Disaster Risk Management by officials from the CDC. It was at this forum that they expressed a desire to become volunteers and subsequently mobilized several other persons to get involved. After completing and submitting the relevant application forms, the potential volunteers were invited to attend interviews which were conducted by a small CDC VC team, at the offices of the Regional Democratic Council in New Amsterdam from November 15 and 16, 2012. Considering the role of CDC Volunteers, the interviews sought to establish specifics regarding the potential volunteers’ adaptability, dependability, ability to communicate, and leadership and organisational skills.

Emerging from the interview process, Jahawarlall Ramjug, Jonelle Cornette and Vanessa Sahadeo have been identified as Jahawarlall Ramjug, Jonelle Cornette and Vanessa Sahadeo have been identified as the Region’s Volunteer Coordinator, Assistant Volunteer Coordinator and Secretary/Treasurer respectively. They are to lead the efforts of the Region 6 CDC volunteer affiliate and will work closely with the central executive of the CDCVC.
At the orientation session the volunteers benefitted from two presentations on The Civil Defence Commission and Disaster Risk Management in Guyana and the CDC VC, its roles and responsibilities. The volunteers expressed their eagerness to participate in training and projects, and committed to working cooperatively towards achieving the goals of the CDC VC.


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